Promote your prototype at Protomote

At Protomote we are able to create any project based on your requirements with JustInMind and Axure. Need help with you next project? Contact Protomote today and give your project a kick start.

At Protomote we believe the existing platforms, such as Dribbble and Behance, are useless to UX designers creating high fidelity interactive prototypes.

Interactive prototypes are the best way to demonstrate and simulate web, desktop or mobile applications. Dribbble and Behance are only able to show static, non-interactive frames of the final design. At Protomote you are able to showcase your prototype to the world. Potential investor might be interested or you let people navigate through your latest project. Prototypes are also a good way to give a demonstration of the web or mobile app for potential buyers of your service.

There are many web-based prototyping tools on the market. Figuring out which of these software tools are the best fit for your project is difficult. At Protomote we believe a prototype should not limit you in your creativity. Therefore we support currently 2 prototyping tools: JustInMind and Axure. JustInMind is a desktop-based prototyping tool. Screens are created by drag & drop elements from the included libraries, which contain desktop and mobile user interfaces. Axure is basically similar to JustInMind, although the interface looks a bit dated.

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