Tools to Wireframe: JustInMind

Create highly interactive wire-frames for web, mobile and desktop applications with JustInMind prototyping tool.

With JustInMind you are able to create pixel perfect and engaging wire-frames of any kind of web or mobile app. A lot of user experience designers around the world are using this rich wire-framing tool to avoid misunderstandings and engage clients from the very start of the projects. There is even an option to simulate the wireframes on real devices, combined with the high level of functionalities, Justinmind gives you the best experience of your next app with real users.

With JustInMind you are able to wireframe websites, mobile apps and other platforms quick and easy. JustInMind is a desktop based prototyping tool that helps you to design advanced wireframes and prototypes for the web, mobile and desktop applications.

Demonstrations of the application can be created and simulated on both Windows and Mac computers. Stakeholders can test and annotate these wireframes over the internet. The design’s overall look and feel can be easily previewed at any stage of the development process by pressing the simulation button. The finished product can be exported as a HTML prototype.
Justinmind Prototyper is a highly detailed tool that allows you to design a wide variety of applications. Need help with your Justinmind prototype? Contact protomote today and be amazed what we can do for you.

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