How does prototyping work?

In this blog post we will explain a little bit of the prototyping processes

Whether you are the decision-maker, manager, designer or developer of a digital project, at some point in the process you need to show “something” to the customer. You can show the progress of the work, but much better would be a prototype of the actual final digital product or service.

Prototypes are an accurate representation of the way a web or mobile application will look like. Your final web or mobile application will be viewed on the dedicated devices itself. Interactive prototypes are working simulations of web or mobile applications, built for usability testing before development has started. Interactive prototypes are showcased on the web, running in a browser to give the best sense of how the website will look and feel.

Using interactive prototypes in usability testing helps to validate and refine design decisions at an early stage of the development process. It enables managers, developers, investors and other stakeholders to use the prototype as a specification for the end product or service. Seeing and feeling a living design is a far more efficient and effective method than writing long abstract functional requirements on paper.

Prototypes are a good way to catch potential break-point issues before they become real problems. A prototype is a functional simulation of a online product or service. A prototype is used to refine idea concepts, test market acceptance, improve user experience or show a certain value.

Prototyping has many purposes, it is easy to lose sight in what prototypes trying to accomplish. Product owners want to show their project in the best possible way and designers want to make something beautiful.

Prototypes can give a reason to start a conversation and get focused feedback. Using prototypes that are a work-in-progress give people certain ways to contribute. Your concept will evolve and gain traction in ways you never imagined and your understanding of your audience will grow. The story that you tell with interactive prototypes is your story. The story of your product or service.

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